Computer Sale Services

Computer Sale Services

Rabyte Computers & Peripherals is engaged in providing clients with cost effective computer sales services, also including selling of branded computers. We are solely determined to provide best services with an errand to meet and exceed the expectations of the corporate and the professional communities with premium cost quality and cost effective solutions.

RCP offers a broad variety of computer and peripheral equipments suitable for zero capital expenditure budget, projects, conferences, trade shows, trainings, govt. sectors, SMEs and also for any other daily office requirements.

Our staff competence, fast response and incomparable flexibility over the past years have made us a fastest growing Saleal company and serving the seekers, we are widely recognized for our consistent management system.

Your budgetary constraints are putting an end to your dreams of owing a computer?
  • Desktop On Sale
    A desktop computer or personal computer is delineated for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table. Rabyte Computers & Peripherals provides vast range of desktops on hiring basis which are affordable and preeminent. The foremost brands offered by us are : DELL, HEWLLET PACKARD, IBM, COMPAQ etc. To assist our client with an impeccable range of desktops on Sale, Rabyte Computers& Peripherals is the best resort.

    List of available Desktops:
    1. Dell VOSTRO MODEL-200|220
    C2D 2.8Ghz| 2GB DDR.2| HDD 80GB|DVD|Power Cord.(1pcs).

    2. HP DESKTOP MODEL-7800|7900
    C2D 2.8Ghz| 2GB DDR2| 160GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    3. HP DESKTOP MODEL-6000|8000
    C2D 2.8Ghz| 2GB DDR3| 160GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    4. HP DESKTOP Model-6005(AMD)
    AMD| 2GB DDR3| 160GB|DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    5. HP DESKTOP MODEL-8200
    2nd Gen. (i3) | 4GB DDR3| 250GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    6. HP DESKTOP MODEL-8200
    2nd Gen. (i5) | 4GB DDR3| 250GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    7. HP DESKTOP MODEL-6300/8300
    3rd Gen. (i3) |4GB DDR3| 250GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).

    8. HP DESKTOP MODEL-6300/8300
    3rd Gen. (i5) |4GB DDR3| 250GB| DVD|Power Cord (1Pcs).
  • Laptop On Sale
    The emancipation to carry along anywhere ? unlike desktop, that too everywhere- laptop is the best fit. It has become the imperative commodity in the present era for students, professionals and the households too. Rabyte Computers & Peripherals provides superior quality laptops of the prominent brands like HP COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, LENOVO at nominal cost to our idolized customers.

    List of available Laptops:
    1. Lenovo Thinkpad model' T-410 (i5)
    (i5) 1st'Gen | 4GB | 320GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    2. Hp Elite Book model' 8440 (i5)
    (i5) 1st'Gen | 4GB | 250GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    3. Dell Model' 6420 (i5)
    (i5) 2nd'Gen | 4GB | 320GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    4. Hp Elite Book model' 8470 (i5)
    (i5) 3rd'Gen | 4GB | 250/320GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    5. Hp Model' 9470 (i5)
    (i5) 3rd'Gen | 4GB | 320GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    6. Hp Model' 840 (i5)
    (i5) 4th'Gen | 4GB | 320GB | DVD | With Touch | Display 14.1"

    7. Dell Model' T-5440 (i5)
    (i5) 4th'Gen | 8GB | 320GB | DVD | Display 14.1"

    8. Hp Model' 2570 (i7)
    (i7) 3rd'Gen | 4GB | 500GB | DVD | Display 12.1"

    9. Dell Latitude model' D-540|6400 (C2D)
    C2D | 2GB | 160GB | DVD | Display 14.1"
  • Server On Sale
    Rabyte Computers & Peripherals is highly devoted towards offering a wide range of magnificent servers on Sale to our esteemed clients at very feasible price as per their obligations.
  • UPS On Sale
    Power supplies are vital for running computer systems weather it is desktop or laptop. A poor power supply can cut down the life span and efficiency of a computer. So for better performance, longer power back-up and easy maintenance, you can find the Rabyte Computers & Peripherals a best suitable site to contact with . We provide both online and offline UPS at very reasonable rate. We hold the ability to provide services of apex qualitative range.
  • Projector On Sale
    Our embellished industrial understanding has contrived RCP as highly concerned towards the vast range of quality projectors on Sale to our valuable clients. These projectors have unparalleled picture clarity, high brightness and are excellent in performance. Because of the superb performance, these projectors prove to be optimal for making presentations more substantial.
  • Plasma On Sale
    To entirely enjoy the greatly improved image quality of all the various types of digital videos, the plasma display is the transcendent. We provide the plasma Saleing services at very affordable market leading price.
In todays era, each new day new technological innovations are coming to the fore As time passes computer, laptops or other Peripherals start showing their age and then we need up gradation services. Are your computer, laptops RAM is too low? Are you CPU-limited or GPU-limited? Are your systems working too slow? Contact us to upgrade your existing devices.