Why Rent

Why Rent

Immediate and personalized on-call Technical support resulting in zero-downtime at zero cost.
If your computer has any technical issues especially during important time-bound projects, month-end processes,Rabyte Computers can fix the issue immediately and effectively depending on the type of issue/severity level/urgency/requirement of the client, as we are just a phone call away. We help resolve the issue by replacing any faulty components or if necessary replace the entire system. In certain cases, we do provide standby systems as well. Items covered for service include Central processing unit with all internal components (namely processor, hard disk, ram, motherboard, SMPS), Monitor, Keyboard, mouse and cables.

Rabyte Computers however does not offer to resolve issues related to software, infrastructure deficits (power supply, fluctuation in electrical supply, air conditioning), network related issue, and poor environmental conditions.

No software are provided by Rabyte Computers. However, our support staff will provide all the needed assistance for installing the software given by the client in the leased equipment.

Reduction of capital expenses in depreciating assets and allowing space for investments in appreciating assets.
Leasing computing equipment is an operating expense which will help reduce CAPEX and thereby help in better cash flows and avoid capital restraints.
Leasing charges are eligible for 100% tax deduction.
Reduces expenses on asset which is bound to get obsolete in a rapidly changing world of technology in a very short period of time.

Expand and shrink volumes based on need of project.
Volumes can be increased based on the project demand at any point in time for a stipulated period of time with the least effort without having have to go through the hassle of identifying product, purchase of equipment at a right price as prices of hardware are constantly fluctuating, negotiating with vendors and coordinating delivery, and organizing funds for the same. As once anRabyte Computers client all it needs is just a phone call and we take care of the rest.

It also offers flexibility of shrinking the volume which can be titrated suited to your work load at varying time intervals.Rabyte Computers does assist in taking data backup from all the systems prior to pickup.

Relate your business objectives with the appropriate equipment available and help you in making right purchase
To fill the gap between procurement and productivity. Very often there is substantial time taken for approval to purchase computers for a project in mid to large sized companies and this can have a devastating effect on productivity.Rabyte Computers can supply end-users with state-of-the-art equipment, pre-configured to fit right into a clients network.

For special projects, Presentations, Seminars, Training, Conventions, shows and conferences Get them done right and on time. As Special Projects generally require custom configurations, for a majority of businesses it is not logical to purchase inventory. Customize every component of your hardware through rentals.

Try it, before you buy it! Prior to investing in equipment, your company may want to lease it for a test and trial period before committing your valuable resources to an asset which depreciates rather quickly and whose technology wanes sharply.

Upgrade inventory after a fixed period of time with the least effort and sync with the latest and rapidly changing world of technology.
This feature which is so unique to rentals is a boon to customers involved in graphic-intensive engineering companies dealing in Auto cad, CAD-CAM designing and detailing or in animation industry which involves upgradation of equipment in terms of memory or storage data, which can be done by us in a very short period of time in the existing machines or a complete replacement of the existing ones with a minimal increase in cost.